Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama: My Relationship With My Hate-Mongering Pastor Was Strictly Spiritual And Not Political

Defending his 20-year relationship with the hate-mongering pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama told reporters today that Wright is merely a spiritual mentor of his, and not his political adviser.

"By no means is this morally corrupt man a political adviser of mine," Obama asserted, "he is strictly a spiritual mentor of mine who has imbued me with a divine hatred for America and a glorious and sacred contempt for my fellow countrymen."

"But let me make this perfectly clear," Obama added, "this antipathy that Reverend Wright and I have for America is strictly spiritual and it has absolutely no bearing on my political views, nor will it ever alter the tremendous respect and admiration that I have for this despicable country of ours."

Meanwhile, Senator Obama's church issued a statement today defending Reverend Wright's "obnoxious remarks" and lambasting the public for focusing "on just a few of his abominable statements".

"Reverend Wright's assertion that the US government created the aids virus to kill African Americans and other similar remarks of his which have recently been unearthed," the statement reads, "are merely a drop in the bucket of a long litany of odious remarks which the honorable Reverend has made over his illustrious 36 year career. It is simply unfair to cast judgment on our saintly pastor unless you've been privileged to hear all of his revolting statements!"

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